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10 & 16 Nov 2022 – Ms. LAM’s Chinese Open Lesson & Ms. IP’s Chinese History Open Lesson

To capitalize on their professional competence to develop a vibrant, empowering and professional learning community which fosters high-quality teaching among our teachers, the Staff Development Committee invites teachers who are especially adept at teaching excellence to open their classroom doors every term. Ms. Lam’s demonstration of her highly effective classroom management and polished lesson plan prompted heated discussion at the insightful post-lesson conference where participating teachers had one epiphany after another. Subject experts, including their principal, Principal Ankey WUN from Wa Ying College were also among TTCA teachers and Principal Cheung to explore and analyse skills to hone our teaching skills. We look forward to many more collaborative opportunities ahead.

Ms. Ip is the epitome of the creator of a highly effective learning environment. Through her Chinese History classroom door, teachers could definitely tell she is an aficionado in teaching where she effortlessly displayed her unyielding resolve on creating an interactive and reflective Chinese History lesson.

The lesson was awe-inspiring to both TTCA teachers and our guests from Wa Ying College. Ms. Ip even took it further to expound on her delicate and sophisticated lesson-planning ideas at the post-lesson conference. Hats off to Ms. Lam and Ms. Ip for unreservedly opening their classroom doors in term one.


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