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International Advanced Level (IAL)

TTCA is dedicated to providing students with multiple development pathways such that they are equipped with diversified abilities to tackle the challenges they face in the 21st century. The school has been approved to provide the International Advanced Level (IAL) curriculum for S.5 students in 2021-2022. The IAL curriculum is a British curriculum which allows our students to advance to overseas tertiary institutions.

Curriculum objectives:

1. To provide alternative pathways for senior students

2. To prepare students for overseas further education

3. To maximise the strengths of students who are strong academically but weaker in terms of their language abilities

4. To retain talent in Hong Kong

Students who opt for the IAL curriculum will take part in all school activities, leadership positions, overseas exchanges as with students who study the HKDSE curriculum.

One of the features of this two-year curriculum is that students’ exam stress load is lightened by sitting for different papers of each subject at different exam periods and the flexibility to retake exams.

Compulsory Subjects

English Language


Chinese Language

Christian Ethics


Physical Education

Elective Subjects

Elective 1



Elective 2



Elective 3



Prospective Subjects



Further Mathematics

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