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Student Development

As a Christian school, our students are expected to exercise the school motto ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ to establish positive attitudes under a nurturing atmosphere, allow them to maximise their potential in the face of challenges and provide them holistic development. To achieve these goals, the Student Development Committee is in charge of planning and implementing student development strategies in the following six subunits: Religious & Values Education Committee, Discipline Committee, Counselling & Special Educational Needs Support Committee, Further Studies and Career Guidance Committee, Student Activities Committee and Student Welfare Committee.

Religious & Values Education Committee

Christian faith and values are the foundation of TTCA’s holistic education. Our Religious and Values Education Committee is dedicated to cultivate TTCians with a sense of moral and spiritual integrity in accordance with Christian faith and principles. The 12-disciple scheme, student fellowship and various distinctive religious programmes are held throughout the year to foster positive values and sow Gospel seeds in our students. Social services, environmental workshops and a variety of value education activities are also organized and embedded in our curriculum to provide hands-on opportunities for our students to take an active role in connecting with the community.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is responsible for the management of discipline and order for our students in order to establish a safe, disciplined and harmonious environment, so that students can focus on learning. Through leadership training, we also empower our Prefects to help maintain this school environment.

Counselling & Special Educational Needs Support Committee

To create an atmosphere of "love and care" at TTCA, building students' sense of security, well-being and belonging through the support and guidance of teachers and peers, the Counselling and SEN Support Committee was established. The objectives of the Committee are to foster a harmonious and orderly school life and cultivate a positive learning environment; to support students dealing with difficulties in life; teach them to respect one another and solve problems in a sensible manner; and to nurture students’ virtues and positive attributes so that students can make appropriate decisions and stay positive towards themselves and their lives.

Further Studies & Career Guidance Committee

Life planning is a process where adolescents actualise their goals gradually in different aspects, including academics, career, interpersonal relationships and leisure. The aim of the Further Studies & Career Guidance Committee is to support students in pursuing their further studies and future career paths. The entire career and life planning curriculum is implemented from the junior years to senior years by providing a step-by-step learning experience and activities that allow students to understand their own abilities, establish their own goals and explore the workplace environment.

Student Activities Committee

The aim of the Student Activities Committee is to provide diverse activities in sports, music and other interests to let our students shine and to enrich the horizon and campus life of our students. Furthermore, we have cultivated 4 Houses and the Student Union by providing training and opportunities for them to organize different types of activities with autonomy.

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Student Welfare Committee

The aim of the Student Welfare Committee is to improve the well-being of students by monitoring the peripheral services available to students such as textbook purchase and catering services. The committee also assists families in need to meet their basic needs by matching them with the appropriate financial aid.

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