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Leadership Training

Here at TTCA, we incorporate different leadership features into our leadership training programmes so that students will be well equipped with the necessary leadership abilities to face the challenges in an ever-changing world. .

  • Junior Leadership Training
    Students are trained to become future leaders from the first day they join in the programme. 

  • Student Ambassadors
    Students serve as diplomats and representatives of TTCA at school events.

  • Prefect Programme
    Students are given autonomy by empowering them to become role models for others.

  • Student Union
    Students take on a leading role in organizing student welfare and activities, facilitating communication and raising social awareness.

  • House Committee

       Students will deal with the challenges in organizing         inter-house events whilst exploring talents in their           own houses.

Leadership Training

Christian Education

Praise the Lord for giving us 86,400 seconds a day!


  • Daily Bread Time
    Start every morning with Bible reading.

  • Morning Devotion
    Gather, Share and Pray.

  • Belief Group
    As teachers in TTCA, we teach and we preach

  • Fellowship, Boy’s Brigade & Son of Light
    Friday, Saturday, and worship every day.

  • Connection with Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Shamshuipo Church, Cheung Sha Wan Branch Church·       

      Through school-church collaboration, we help              students further nurture their spiritual life. We                have collaborated with the Tsung Tsin Mission of          Hong Kong Shamshuipo Church - Cheung Sha              Wan Branch Church in organizing the Student              Fellowship, S.1 Life Camp and some follow-up              spiritual cultivation programmes. In addition, the          Sunday service at TTCA is an occasion which                connects the school managers, teachers,                        students, parents and alumni of the same                      religious belief.

Christian Education

Learning Journey

We provide students not only standard traditional classroom teaching, but also Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

  • Small Class Teaching
    Interactions in the learning journey is maximised with around 25 students in each class.
    English Learning Environment: As an EMI school, we place huge emphasis on maintaining an English speaking environment around campus.

  • Modular Curriculum
    Time is better allocated for students to master newly learnt knowledge and skills with fewer subjects taken each term in their junior years.

  • Diversified Learning Activities
    Step out of the classroom and join the English or Mathematics Fun Day, Quiz Show, Subject-based Academic Function, and Other Learning Experience Day.

  • Contributing to Global Connectivity

      Explore countryside of Hong Kong in Geography           and Biology field trips.
     Experience multiculturalism in Singapore with all S.3       students.
     Learn more about Europe, Oceania and Asia from           study trips.
     Help those in need on service learning trips.

Learning Journey

Love & Care

TTCA is more than just a school. We do not simply excel in studies; we love and card about one another. Therefore, we highly acknowledge the importance of your children’s spiritual growth support and emotion.

  • The 12-Disciple Teacher
    Inspired by the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples, the 12-Disciple Mentoring Scheme starts with a life camp in S.1 and concludes with the overseas graduation trip in S.3; but the relationships students have built throughout the years being part of the programme will never end.

  • The Peer Mentor
    Senior students are dedicated to helping junior form students to campus life.

  • The Professionals

       We make sure every student is comprehensively             catered for by our Counselling Team, educational           psychologist and social workers.

Love and Care

Professional Development

Learning Circles are formed among teachers to share pedagogies and experiences in teaching. Peer learning and teacher reflection portfolio are adopted in the professional development of teachers at TTCA who constantly keep themselves up to date with professional training and further education. Overseas learning trips to China and other countries, such as Scotland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan, have also been organized for teachers as part of their professional development. Throughout the years, the seed for striving for excellence has been sown in TTCA and we are certain you will witness this seed deeply rooted and flourishing at TTCA in the near future.

Professional Development
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