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Small Class Teaching

Each class consists of 27 students on average. Teacher-student and student-student interactions can be increased through low student-teacher ratio.


Self-directed Learning

Our school aims to promote self-directed learning among all forms and all subjects. Having prepared for their lessons, students are expected to participate in lessons proactively so as to improve their self-efficacy in learning. Being one of the pioneers in pre-lesson enquiry in secondary education, TTCA Chinese department has been invited to various occasions to share their successful experiences and open their classrooms for demonstration.


Collaborative Learning

We emphasize the importance of building knowledge and skills together by encouraging students to work closely with each other inside and outside classroom. A variety of strategies is practiced to promote collaboration among students, so that students can master the objectives of each lesson and fully understand the knowledge taught.



Information technology, including various online platforms, apps and tablets, has been widely used in the school to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching.


Modular Curriculum

Modular approach is implemented in S.1 and S2. Students focus on fewer subjects per semester so that they can master the newly acquired knowledge and skills with more flexibility and relieve their stress from assignments and assessments.


Innovation and Technology Education

Thinking skills and STEM curriculum are tailor-made for junior form students. By cultivating their creativity and critical thinking, they are prepared for the future development in the society.

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