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Vision & Mission

Founded on the inspired Christian virtues of Faith, Hope and Love and with the conviction “to serve than to be served”, Tsung Tsin Christian Academy (TTCA) aims to serve the community and provide whole-person quality education. We believe that every student is a respectable individual created in the image of God who has potential to become holistically developed in a Christian environment, has great capacity and ability to learn and to be taught, and capable of succeeding in their academic and non-academic endeavors. In addition, TTCA is devoted to building a caring and positive enterprising learning environment for our students.



  • Sponsoring Body:
    Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong,

    Shamshuipo Church

  • Year Founded: 2004

  • Religion: Christianity

  • Supervisor: Mr. Yu Ka Kit, Eric

  • Principal: Mr Cheung Man Wai

  • Medium of Instruction: English

  • School Motto: Fides, Spes and Caritas


Principal's Address

Mr Cheung Man Wai


Tsung Tsin Christian Academy aims to educate future generations with the love of Christ. We hope our students will be able to love themselves and their neighbours.

We truly believe in life education for students. Through the series of life education programmes including 12-Disciple Mentoring Scheme, Belief Groups for senior students and Day 1 Class Periods of Life Education, We hope to establish strong and intimate relationships between our students and teachers so as to accomplish an important part of our school vision – life affecting life. Life has always been full of joys and sorrows. If one lacks rich life experiences and a supportive social network, how will one be expected to overcome all the obstacles in life and find the right path for him/herself? I strongly believe that TTCA is a nourishing ground for your children on these journeys of growth.
Unlocking and realizing a young person’s potential are also TTCA’s biggest concerns. Through small class teaching, self-directed learning and interactive pedagogies, we believe all students – from those with wobblier foundations to the very gifted ones – will unleash their potential to the fullest. Meanwhile, our policies of sports, music and arts will help your children shine.

I look forward to nurturing your beloved children with you.

Principal's Address
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