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Gospel Festival

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

With God's grace and blessing, the students enjoyed a whole week of fun during Gospel Week.

This week's theme was "Olive in the Rough." The theme emphasizes the idea that everyone has potential, and it is important to look beyond outward appearances and see the beauty and value in all people. The students gained a deeper understanding of their faith by learning about Jesus's teachings of forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.

There were many opportunities for the students to engage in creative and reflective activities that promote personal growth. First, they listened to their teachers share how they dealt with adversities and failures with the help of Jesus. This helped the students develop greater empathy and compassion for others, and learn to persevere through difficult times with faith and hope.

Then, the students also had the chance to make their own hand cream and beautiful olive brooches during lunchtime workshops. This gave them the opportunity to connect with other students who share their beliefs and values.

During lunchtime, they enjoyed singing hymns with teachers and alumni at the covered playground. This increased the students' appreciation for the importance of community and fellowship.

The week ended with a fruitful Christmas worship in the hall. Lots of students decided to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They ran up onto the stage to conduct the prayer led by the pastor to show their determination.

Gospel Week helped everyone at TTCA build a stronger connection to their faith and a deeper understanding of Christian teachings.

What a joyous week!


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