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Bump, Set, Spike: The First SU Inter-House Volleyball Tournament

The first TTCA SU Inter-house Volleyball Tournament, organized by the 14th student union, Nexus, was successfully held from 10th to 13th of October, 2022. The Volleyball Court and Playground in TTCA overflowed with buzz and excitement as the four houses compete against each other. Both boys and girls displayed their strength and teamwork as they achieve glory for their houses.

After two days of qualifying heats, Samuel and Enoch were pitted against each other to fight for the championship. Encouragement and support filled the playing field as schoolmates of different houses came together as a family and cheered their classmates on from the sidelines. In the end, Samuel was crowned the winner with Enoch being the first runner-up, followed by Deborah and Esther respectively.

The tournament was rounded off with the much-anticipated teachers’ match against the champions, with students chanting for the teachers’ team. Ultimately, Samuel was able to come through a tie-breaker, the final winning score was 19 to 17.

We are grateful to Nexus for hosting the event as well as to all houses and teachers for their active participation. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next SU event!


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