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A day to rejoice for the music lover in TTCA

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Our musicians have brought back excellent news from this year’s Music Festival! Our students achieved brilliant results in the 74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and Joint Schools Music Competition.

In the junior recorder duet competition for the age 14 or under category, three students won all the top three places for the all-district division competition.

In the senior recorder solo competition, for age 19 or under, we are delighted to be awarded gold and the second place in the competition! For the woodwind-recorder categories, two of our students achieved third place in the contest.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to be awarded gold recorder band, and silver awards in School Orchestra and School Choir Category in the Joint Schools Music Competition.

Through exploring various musical pieces and instruments, our students thrived in their passion for music, mesmerizing audiences through their voices and performances.

Congratulations to all the winners! Music continues to be an integral part of our school’s experience. We look forward to having more opportunities for our students to shine. Let's celebrate and stay tuned for our upcoming projects!


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