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S3 Singapore Learning Trip

Updated: May 22, 2019

The annual Singapore Learning Trip for all S.3 students commenced on 14 April this year. The 5-day trip offered S.3 students a taste of a different culture and way of living in an overseas country as well as a chance for students to practise self-management. Besides, it was also the last major event of the 12-disciple mentoring scheme which enabled the disciples and teachers to get to know each other more closely. We emphasized on team collaboration and serving others through a series of activities such as a DIY bakery workshop in which students learnt how to make a Pandan cake, a signature cake of Singapore, and a DIY Batik painting workshop in which students gained a great sense of achievement. Students also had an opportunity to serve the elderly in a Care Corner. Nigh Safari, City Gallery, Chinatown, Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studio were some of the sites we visited. A highlight of the trip was the whole-day “City Hunt” where all disciple groups had to reach two compulsory check-points including Housing & Development Board and Discovery Centre, then one elective check-point of their own choice. Throughout the adventure, students needed to make decisions on the route and which check-points to go to; and complete various complicated or unpredictable tasks including sudden missions. The disciple groups all rose to the challenge persistently and the adventure brought their teamwork to new heights. It was a wonderful and fruitful trip indeed!


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