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Teen Talk 2018: Mock Debate Competition

Liberal Studies OLE Activity

Teen Talk 2018: Mock Debate Competition (Organised by The Law Society of Hong Kong)

Date: 18 Nov 2018 (09:00-16:00)

Venue: Kitec in Kowloon Bay

13 TTCA senior form students together with more than 600 local secondary school students gathered at Kitec in Kowloon Bay on 17 Nov 2018 for Teen Talk, an event organised by The Law Society of Hong Kong, aimed at enhancing students’ knowledge about the city’s legislation.

The event highlighted the rights of children, such as their right to life, and their right to be free from violence, abuse and neglect. Our TTCA team was selected to be one of the eight teams from the mock Legislative Council debate, held in October, to play the roles of government officials. Our students had to respond to questions raised by other teams who were ‘Legco members’. They experienced what really goes on in the Legislative Council

Our Team 3, who won the award of The Most Outstanding Team(最卓越隊伍), consists of eight students; and Team 2 also won the ward of The Most Outstanding Performance(最傑出表現獎-組別). All members contributed during the preparation and the debate was exciting.


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