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Talent Show

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

TTCA got Talent!

13 July, 2021

Each year the Student Union hosts the Talent Show for its fellow schoolmates. Whether TTCA performers are playing musical instruments, dancing, or singing, they are on the spotlight creating buzz at TTCA. It was one of the most remarkable events for the students to shine, relax and enjoy during the post-exam period. Here are the results and highlights of the show:

Vocal Solo

Champion: 2D Hung Ngo Nam

1st Runner-up: 5A Do Sum Yin

2nd Runner-up: 5D Tse Yan Yuet

Vocal Ensemble

Champion: 2D Hung Ngo Nam & 2E Chong Yuet Ching

1st Runner-up: 3A Chu Tsz Yan & 3A Wong Yuen Sum



4B Pang Hoi Ching

5C Chui Ling Kwan

5C Hon Wai Yan

5C Kwong Kei Wing

5C Siu Wing Lam

5C Seto Ho Shing

5D Tse Tin Nam

Other Talent

Champion: 2D Li Cheuk Wing & 5B Yeung Hei Laam

1st Runner-up: 1B Yuen Hiu Ki

2nd Runner-up: 3A Ng Ka Yu, 3E Lee Yuet Hei, 4A Kong Lok Ching, 4B Pang Hoi Ching & 4B Yu Nicole


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