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Music Team Exchange and Performance Tour (Shanghai)

From 26thApril to 1stMay, 2019, TTCA music team went on a fruitful exchange and performance tour to the cities of Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou.

We visited many historical and cultural places, such as Nanjing City Wall, which is one of the key historical and cultural remains of Ming Dynasty. We also set foot in Confucius Temple to learn the traditional arts culture and play Chinese chimes. We have appreciated the traditional Pingtan and Kunqu music.

During this journey, our musicians visited two schools and performed in two concerts which were held in Suzhou Jing Cheng School and Qing Yang Gang Middle School, led by our music teacher, Ms. Celia Lee. The concerts were well received by students, parents, local residents, and attended by guests including Ms. Lin Hong Mei, Suzhou Education Bureau Vice President.

Last but not least, we established a sister school relationship with the above schools. It will further expand the network, enhance understanding and communication, strengthen cultural interflow and achieve mutual advancement. It promotes the continuous multi-faceted development of TTCA and mainland China schools.


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