BAFS Department

The overall aims of the Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) curriculum are to provide students at senior secondary level with fundamental business knowledge and skills, and develop their positive values and attitudes, so that they can fulfil their roles competently and confidently as consumers, investors, employees and/or entrepreneurs.

Besides, it is to develop students’ generic skills in research, analysis, leadership, team-building, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving and transfer them to different domains; and to explore different aspects of business to prepare students for life, for learning and for employment.

Various teaching strategies, including flipped classroom and cooperative learning, are applied to achieve the above goals.

Curriculum Information

Senior Curriculum

The curriculum focus on integrated understanding of the essential business areas such as business environment, accounting, management and personal finance which will prepare students well for dealing with their personal financial concerns when they engage in business and financial activities such as consumption, work and investment in adulthood. The emphasis on different roles as consumer, employee, entrepreneur and investor will enhance their understanding of business knowledge as a whole, and enable them to view business-related decisions from different angles.

Outside the Classroom

Our students are encouraged to visit different financial organizations, participate in joint academic functions with other departments and some external competitions. To enrich their understanding in this subject, BAFS students will also participate in some professional examinations such as the Accredited Accounting Technician Foundation Examination held by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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Home Economics

Home Economics Department

Our department aims at instilling real-life knowledge and skills to

  1. enable students to demonstrate good use of generic skills in handling physical and socio-economic resources for self, family and the community;

  2. nurture students to devise and implement strategies to solve complicated problems in technological contexts, in particular, food/textile, using a range of appropriate techniques and procedures; and

  3. arouse students’ interests in applying Home Economics knowledge in daily lives by working on different kinds of projects.

Curriculum Information

Students can experience different basic cooking and sewing methods during the 2-year course in the junior curriculum of Home Economics.

The curriculum in S.2 focuses on management of self and family through sewing, cooking and nutrition while the curriculum in S.3 focuses on the management of community/business related to Home Economics aspects through more advanced cooking and sewing skills and applying such skills into real business market.

Project works related to the needs for daily lives are conducted throughout the course.  Some of the project themes are a creative theme restaurant and a food product with food package.

Outside the Classroom 

Students are provided with chances to apply the skills they learn in activities such as

  1. demonstration lessons on Experience Day

  2. workshops on Info Day 
    serving as students tutors for the parents and primary students visitors

  3. Teachers Tasting lessons, which students receive comments from any teachers after carrying a series of tasks, e.g. 

  4. food theme design
    reference to TV programme
    presentation of their self-made food products
  5. Inter-school Cookery Contest 
  6. Refreshment Preparation for TTCA Annual Speech Day
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department

The ICT Department at TTCA aims at developing computer literacy with an understanding of fundamental concepts of computers and common computing terminology.  Students are expected to 

  • appreciate the contemporary development of information technology and the impact of ICT on our knowledge-based society so as to nurture of positive values and attitudes towards the area;

  • be equipped with essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer system;

  • develop creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communications skills via development of simple computer programs and mobile applications running on smart devices;

  • grow into competent, effective, discriminating, ethical and confident ICT users who are aware of computer-related social issues and the ever changing society with widespread utilization of computers.

Curriculum Information

Junior curriculum

In order to promote STEM education, we foster our students to become a “maker” instead of a “user”. TTCA students can be a “creator” instead of just a “consumer”.  They can create something unique while applying the knowledge from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  ICT lessons in junior forms allow students to build a system to solve daily-life problems.  One of their term projects is a home security system which alerts users any intrusion into their homes through an App.

Senior curriculum 

We aim to provide students with a body of essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer systems; equip students with problem-solving and communication skills, and encourage them to think critically and creatively; develop students into competent, effective, discriminating, ethical and confident users of ICT, so as to support their lifelong learning; and provide students with opportunities to appreciate impacts of ICT on our knowledge-based society, so as to nurture them positive values and attitudes towards this area.

Outside the Classroom

Reading promotion: students are encouraged to read more books, magazines or surf websites related to ICT.  All S3 students need to finish a case study before planning their ICT projects.  For example, last year students were required to study the latest technology in home security system.  They found the information from books or Internet and came up with the ideas for planning and implementing their home security system.  

Elite students are encouraged to join external competitions and ICT related courses.  

For example,

Hong Kong Olympiad Informatics

Asia Inter Schools Robotic Challenge

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Music Department

The aims of the music curriculum are to:

  1. Provide an all-rounded education to all students of the school

  2. Develop creativity and nurture aesthetic sensitivity

  3. Further develop students’ musical competence, construct knowledge and an understanding of diverse musical cultures

  4. Develop critical responses to music, and communicate effectively through music

  5. Cultivate a lifelong interest in music and develop positive values and attitudes towards music

Curriculum Information

Our curriculum emphasizes three domains: Listening, Performing and Creating.   Beyond the formal curriculum, a rich variety of music groups and performances will be developed for our students. Each student is given music training class on Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Horn, Percussion, etc. Students with superb music talents will be chosen to join Music School Teams like Orchestra, School Choir, Recorder Ensemble etc.

Outside the Classroom

Our department is continuously awarded outstanding achievements in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival.

From 2011-2017, our department was awarded the 2nd place of Harmonia Solo - Intermediate at the 65th HK Schools Music Festival, 2nd runner-up of Graded Piano Solo Category, 1st runner-up of String Section: Violin Solo Category and Champion of String Section of Cello Sola Category at the 2nd Hong Kong Asia Music Competition. At the 2nd Hong Kong Asia Music Competition, we also got the 1st runner-up of the Woodwind Section: Saxophone Solo Category. We received the second places for both Female Voice Duet and Treble Recorder Solo at the 66th HK Schools Music Festival. For Vocal Solo, we came in third at the same competition for Singing in Foreign Language-Alto.

We got four Champions at the 70th Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association for Treble Recorder Solo, Descant Recorder Solo and Recorder Duet.  Being proud and proud, we got awarded fourteen Champions, sixteen 1st runner-ups and sixteen 2nd runner-ups in different competitions and contests from 2011-2017.

TTCA students are always given chances to perform. We got invited to perform at Hong Kong Disneyland for Christmas carols, Hong Kong Cultural Center, Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre, and Huludun Cultural Centre in Taichung and so on.

Music Tour cum Master Class to Scotland 2018

The post exam week of July was especially exciting for our school's musicians. From 3rd to 13th July, 2018, the School Choir and Recorder Team went on a most fruitful exchange and performance tour to Scotland and England.  The tour was led by our Music Director, Ms. Celia Lee, together with the conductor of choir and recorder team. This music educational tour in which the students attended choral workshops, and recorder workshop at University of Scotland, combined rehearsals and presented their own music performance in the hundred years historical sites, at Dunblane Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church of Stirling.   Students took part in a lively musical exchange involving fun rehearsals and a memorable performance under the coaching by famous European music educators, Mr. Alistair Warwick, who is the choir conductor of Stirling University of Scotland, Ms. Ulrike , Wutscher, who is a mezzo-soprano soloist  and Ms. Sarah Jeffery, whose recorder youtube channel with more than 25k followers.

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Physical Development

Physical Education Department

TTCA Physical Education course provides chances for students to develop motor skills and acquire good health, physical fitness and body coordination through an active lifestyle.  The department also promotes desirable moral behaviors, cooperation in communal life, ability to make decisions, and the appreciation of aesthetic movements through physical activities so as to cultivate positive values and attitudes to prepare for their future lives.

Curriculum Information

Students are expected to acquire and apply basic skills, theories and principles from training in different physical activities including games and competitions.  The curriculum also focuses on demonstrating sportsmanship through various physical activities.

Outside the Classroom

Among different activities organised by the PE department, the department has also collaborated with other organizations and student bodies including dodgeball workshops with Student Union and academic functions. Swimming lessons are provided in the school, mainly through formal class time.

Students have achieved great results in various external competitions between 2012 and 2018. We got three champions, one 1st runner-up ,one 2nd runner-up and one 3rd runner-up in badminton competitions; two 1st runner-ups, eight 2nd runner-ups and three 3rd runner-ups in swimming competitions; six champions, two 1st runner-ups and one 2nd runner-up in Inter-School Cross-Country Competition. 

Besides all mentioned, we were also awarded two champions and one 1st runner-up in Inter-School Athletics Competition; four champions, five 1st runner-ups and one 2nd runner-up in Inter-School Table Tennis Competitions. Regarding basketball, we had two 2nd runner-ups and one 3rd runner-up in Inter-School Boys Basketball Competition Division Three and a 2nd runner-up in Girls Grade A Inter-School Girls Basketball Competition Division Three.

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Visual Arts

Visual Arts (VA) Department

The department of Visual Arts aims at setting up a platform through collaborative learning, project-based learning and field trips to broaden students’ visions of Arts.  We acknowledge the history of arts; we, our civilizations, needs to understand our past, no matter it is an inventions or obstacles, and transcend these understanding into works that shine.  Through the course, students are nourished by good values and their potential and leadership in arts can be maximized.  In order to develop the sense of belonging, the department is determined to promote an inviting campus atmosphere also.

Curriculum Information

Junior Curriculum

The VA Department offers structured theme-based projects for students to appreciate the history of art and design in our junior forms.  We adopt a modular approach by introducing various art and design movements and media, providing a broaden understanding of what arts and design in context related to their life and history.  Through project-based learning, students can enjoy the flexibility of their projects scope while flourishing their individual artistic developments.

Senior Curriculum

Our senior form students are invited to explore various directions to investigate their relationship with arts.  Based on HKDSE syllabus, the senior form curriculum not only focuses on developing art appreciation skills and critical thinking skills; but also providing students various local and overseas field trip experiences.  Students’ technical skills in arts-making are then developed in S.5 and S.6 in order to enable students to visualize the concepts into a piece of arts that transcended personal understanding of their selected topic.

Outside the Classroom

Every opportunity is crucial for our students and our department has been organizing local and overseas learning trips.  Apart from Taiwan (collaborated with the Liberal Studies Department), Germany and Austria Learning Trip (collaborated with the Music Department), this year we will collaborate with the science department to organize a “STEAM” learning trip to Finland.  Above all, every year, our students participate in a variety of activities and services in arts including:

  1. Art Marathon @ Sham Shi Po

  2. M+ Rover Scheme

  3. Various museum visits, e.g.

    • “Contemplator Artist of China Exhibition ”@Asian Society

    • “Conversation” Modern Hong Kong Artist Exhibition @ Osage

  4. Community project

  5. Art Ambassadors Training Program (held by Hong Kong Arts Council)