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Watoto Charity Concert

Signs and Wonders Music Concert 「與東非兒童同行音樂會」co-organised by Tsung Tsin Christian Academy and Watoto Children’s Choir

Date and Venue: 8 Nov 2018, School Hall

Related Subject: Christian Value Education

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Watoto Children’s Tour Team No. 95 for putting on the charity show at our school, Tsung Tsin Christian Academy on 8 Nov 2018, so that we could come together and experience not only a spiritual but also a cultural journey. Our belief ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ is in line with the values of Watoto. Watoto Children’s Choir was presenting their exciting production “Signs & Wonders”. These once abandoned and vulnerable African children in the choir visit different parts of the world to bring a story of hope through their vibrant production with contemporary African music and dance. They shared how they have come out of darkness into a transformed life of purpose with their audience, by taking us to experience the wonders and joy of salvation in their performance. Charity bazaar and sponsorship counters were also held at the covered playground during lunch time and after school. All TTCA students and around 500 parents and honour guests from other schools enjoyed the events fruitfully.


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