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Suzhou National Arts Showcase

Held once every three years, the National Arts Showcase, organized by Ministry of Education of the PRC, attracted young talent from around the country for a week-long festival of visual arts, dance, vocal and instrumental music. Featuring the best from each of the provinces, primary and secondary school students convened at Suzhou to present their unique pieces at the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre and the Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre. Invited by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, our TTCA Recorder Ensemble is honoured to represent our city, along with Diocesan Girls’ School and Kings’ College, showcasing the best our instrumentalists, choristers, dancers and visual artists have to offer.

We were warmly welcomed by Suzhou High School, with Chinese dance and music, which is a Chinese public high school of one-millennium rich history.  We also visited the Surging Wave Pavilion and participated in the traditional handcraft workshop.   It was indeed an eye-opening experience for our students. We are grateful for the Education Bureau organizing the Hong Kong delegation and making this possible. Special thanks to our ever-supportive parents, teachers and principal for their immense support to our musicians.


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