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STREAM Learning for Schools at Shalowan village

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Date: 1/11/2019

Teacher in charge: Tsang SS (VA) & Lau WH (BIO)

Participant: S5 (25 students)

How to learn and teach passionately in an outdoor onsite environment? Can we provide a memorable learning opportunity for students to appreciate and investigate the relationship of natural environment and human activities? The professional and delicate team of teachers from Eden project (UK) and AFTEC team presented a series of inspiring and reflective learning workshops for both teachers and students.

It took place at Shalowan village, a 200-year-old remote local village in HK. The workshops included a local guided tour about changes of Shalowan by the local villagers through a walk-though sightseeing tour, a challenging documentary about the harm of plastic in the ocean, a reflective and observation-based activity. Activities included were collecting samples of natural materials and showing the linkage of vocabulary items which are used for development of story-boarding of environmental land art. At the end of the trip, students enjoyed an interactive and joyful drama in which they took references from historical Greece myths. The activity was filled with laughters and memorable experiences of learning in this special classroom.


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