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Inter-class Music Contest 2018-2019

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

The Christmas Music Contest is one of our proud traditions here at TTCA. In the contest, students sing hymns to praise the Lord for His love and salvation.

This year, 23 classes participated in the contest. For senior form, the Champion was 6D, the 1st Runner-up was 6B and the 2nd Runner-up was 5A. 6D, 5A and 5D were awarded The Best Harmony, The Best Music Arrangement and The Best Team Spirit awards respectively.

For junior form, the Champion was 1C, the 1st Runner-up was 3E and the 2nd Runner-up was 2D. The awards for Best Harmony, Best Music Arrangement and Best Team Spirit went to 3C, 1C and 3A respectively.

It was a wonderful platform for our students to showcase their talents and strengthen team spirit.


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