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Fellowship Committee Camp

Time: 6th – 7th September, 2019

Location: Wu Kai Sha Youth Village

With God’s abundant provision, Fellowship Committee Training Camp was successfully held from 6th-7th September, 2019 at Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. Cooperating with Ladder Mission this year, on top of this camp, committee members will attend a series of workshops solidifying their Christian belief and on how to become a faithful servant leader. At the camp, we did not only sing hymns and dance to praise God, but also learnt the importance of appreciating the differences in between members, trusting one another and giving all one could give while working towards a goal together through a series of team building games. On the second day, the committee made a collaborative painting of the ideal fellowship they want to build together this year. This painting illustrated their vision of creating a family-like fellowship filled with love and warmth in Christ.


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