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28 January 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Rest in Peace – Our Former Principal


On behalf of the School Management Committee and all staff members, it is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of our Retired Principal, Ms. Kwan Oi Chu.


Principal Kwan passed away peacefully in God’s loving arms on 20 January 2022 surrounded by her loved ones. As one of the founding members of the school, she spared no effort and energy in leading and guiding the school, teachers and students. We are blessed to have had her selfless dedication in our school for so many years.


Principal Kwan had been battling cancer since 2015. Though dealing with physical and emotional pains during this period, she had never expressed a word of complaint. Instead, we always saw her filled with hope and perseverance. She had inspired and encouraged us with her personal experiences and principles. More importantly, her educational belief of “Life on Life” will be forever remembered as we continue to nurture each generation of TTCiAns in the future.


Finally, on behalf of Principal Kwan’s family, I would like to send a special thank you to parents and students for their loving words and support.


Yours faithfully,


Cheung Man Wai




本人在此謹代表基督教崇真中學校董會、全體教職員工向諸位沉痛報告,本校退休校長 - 關愛珠女士於2022年1月20日在家人陪伴下安詳離世,安息主懷。關校長為我校創校成員,她期間戮力以赴,鞠躬盡瘁,帶領學校、老師及學生一路成長。吾等感懷她的無私奉獻。


關校長自2015年開始踏上抗癌之路 。在治療期間,身心靈都背負壓力,但她從無半句怨言,每天都心懷盼望,抱著永不放棄精神 ,努力奔跑到最後一刻 。她以自身的經歷及態度成為我們的鼓勵和榜樣。吾等定必謹記關校長「生命影響生命」的教育信念,繼續栽培一代又一代的「基崇人」。






張文偉校長  謹啟



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