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Mathematics Department

Our professional teaching team with high dedication for student learning aims at arousing students’ interest in Mathematics beyond classrooms, stimulating their curiosity and stretching their potentials by providing enhancement programmes and extra-curricular activities.

Curriculum Information

Mathematics of both junior and senior curriculums in TTCA focus on:

  • developing students’ creative thinking, logical reasoning, the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in problem solving, high order thinking skills, conceptual understanding and the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in problem solving;

  • maintaining a balance between process abilities and basic computational skills and contents, and

  • incorporating the use of IT to arouse students’ interests and deepen their understanding in Mathematics.

Outside the Classroom

We understand the importance of learning through different means to explore their potentials in Mathematics.  

Mathematics Fun Day is specially organized on OLE day for our S.2 students who are encouraged to try different tasks such as construction, estimation and mensuration, T-puzzle and relay competition within specific time slot.  Senior form (S.4 – S.5) students serve as helpers for their junior form schoolmates on the day.

Students are also encouraged to participate in various competitions held by local and overseas organisations to challenge themselves and they have achieved good results in the followings:

  • Pui Ching Invitational Mathematics Competition(培正數學邀請賽)

  • Hong Kong Youth Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest

  • PAP International Mathematics Invitation competition

  • 2018 AIMO

  • HuaXia Cup

  • True Light Girls’ Invitational Mathematics Contest

  • ICAS 2018