Leadership Training

Here, we equip different leader features to face the challenges of a changing world.

  • Junior Leadership Training
    Future leaders are developed from the first day through leadership training programs.

  • Student Ambassadors
    As representatives of TTCA, they serve as diplomats on different grand occasions.

  • Prefect Programme
    Giving students autonomy by empowering them to be role models.

  • Student Union
    Take a leading role in organizing student’s welfare and activities, facilitate communication and raise social awareness.

  • House Committee
    They tackle difficulties in organizing inter-house events, they explore talents among their house members.


Christian Education

Praise the Lord for giving us 86,400 seconds a day!


  • Daily Bread Time
    Start every morning with bible reading

  • Morning Devotion
    Gather, Share, Prayer

  • Belief Group
    As teachers in TTCA, we teach and we preach

  • Fellowship, Boy’s Brigade & Son of Light
    Friday, Saturday, worship every day

  • Connection with Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Shamshuipo Church, Cheung Sha Wan Branch Church
    Through school-church collaboration, we help students further nurture their spiritual life. The Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Shamshuipo Church, Cheung Sha Wan Branch Church has participated in Student Fellowship, the S.1 Life Camp and some follow-up spiritual cultivation programmes. On the other hand, the Sunday service in TTCA campus serves as an occasion to connect the school managers, teachers, students, parents and alumni with the same religious belief.


Learning Journey

We provide your child with not just traditional classroom teaching, but Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.

  • Small Class Teaching
    With around 25 students in a class, interaction in learning is facilitated.
    English Learning Environment: As an EMI school, we emphasize maintaining an English speaking environment throughout the campus.

  • Modular Curriculum
    As fewer subjects are taken in each term in junior years, time is better allocated for students to master the newly learned knowledge and skills.

  • Diversified Learning Activities
    Jump out of the classroom and join the English or Mathematics Fun Day, Quiz Show, Subject-based Academic Function, and Other Learning Experience Day.

  • Contributing to Global Connectivity
    Explore wild Hong Kong in Geography and Biology field trips.
    Experience multiculturalism in Singapore with all S.3 students.
    Learn more about Europe, Oceania and Asia from study trips.
    Help the needy through service learning trips.


Love & Care

Here at TTCA, we are more than just a school. We do not just excel in studies, we love and care about each other. We take into account your children’s spiritual growth, support and emotion every day.

  • The 12-Disciple Teacher
    Insight from Jesus and his disciples, the 12-Disciple Mentoring Scheme starts with the Life Camp in S.1 and concludes with the oversea graduation trip in S.3, but the relationship never ends.

  • The Peer Mentor
    The senior students are devoted to help you adapt to life in TTCA.

  • The Professionals
    We make sure every single student is comprehensively catered by our Counselling Team, Educational Psychologist and the two Social Workers.


Professional Development

Learning Circles are formed among teachers to share pedagogies and experiences in teaching. Peer learning and teacher reflection portfolio are commonly practiced and teachers are also continuously equipping themselves through up-to-date professional trainings and further education. Overseas learning trips have been organized for teachers to China and other countries such as Scotland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and so on. Over the past years, the seeds of striving for excellence have been sown in TTCA and we are confident that in the coming years we will witness these seeds being rooted and flourishing in our academy.