Why TTCA ?

Christian Education

Our School’s mission is based on biblical principles and God’s Love. The School is committed to providing affordable and quality Christian education and she nurtures students to develop Christian characters and equips them intellectually for the future world. TTCA is always harmonious, nourishing and caring.

Dedicated Teachers and Parents

The School not only has a team of qualified, dedicated and caring teachers who teach students to excel academically, and foster them to grow spiritually; but she also has a team of supportive parents as witnessed by a well-established PTA.

Small Class and Professional Educators

We emphasize small class sizes to have even more focus on personal attention and guidance. Professional educators are innovative and modern to further empower students by helping them to attain promising academic results.

Whole-Person Development

The School offers an extensive, challenging and balanced academic curriculum which caters for students with diverse interests and abilities. Besides pursuing excellence in academics, we also provide many opportunities to engage students in social activities such as sports, drama performances, literary arts, and charity work, as well as develop knowledge and transferable skills to prepare our students for the future.

Rich Co-curricular Activities

The School provides rich co-curricular activities to cultivate students’ non-academic interests and raise their social awareness and global horizon.

Excellent Facilities

The spacious school campus is equipped with an indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and a dynamic calendar of on-campus events and celebrations.

Inspiring School

Inspiring people and endless possibilities are yours to discover at TTCA. Here you will satisfy your intellectual curiosity and acquire habits of mind which will enhance your future experience on the road of life, whatever turns you may take!

Interdisciplinary Overseas Learning Trips

Students at TTCA learn globally. We already set foot in Europe, North Korea, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and many more. World classrooms allow our students to open their minds and experience more about different values and cultures.